Shri Pobbati Puliveeranna's Biography:

Shri Pobbati Puliveeranna was born on July 23, 1946 to Shri Pobbati Kurmaiah and Smt Mallamma in Devarakadra village, Mahabubnagar district. Shri Puliveeranna finished his primary education in Devarakadra and High school in Mahabubnagar.  He graduated from Osmania University.  During his first year of B.Com, in the year 1966-67, he actively participated in student's election and got elected as Joint Secretary for Hyderabad Evening College (Nizam's College).  Second year of his graduation 1967-68, he got elected as General Secretary  of Hyderabad Evening College (Nizam's College).  Final year of his graduation, 1968-69 Shri Puliveeranna became President of Nizam's College.

Year 1970, Elections could not be held because, Shri Puliveeranna and Shri Mallikarjun put into jail for the cause of
Telangana Agitation.

Year 1971, Shri Puliveeranna joined P G Diploma in Public Adminstration and contested on Telangana Banner for Nizam's college student's union election and got elected as President by defeating his nearest opponent Shri D Srinivas who belongs to Integratist.

Shri Pobbati Puliveeranna has been conferred with title "Puli" (Tiger) by Shri Dr Marri Chenna Reddy during Telangana Convetion public meeting held in Secunderabad where more than lakh people attended.

Shri Puliveeranna's Political career:

Shri Puliveeranna has been in active public life for over four decades. Presently he is sitting Member of Legislative Assembly from Mahabubnagar constituency and Former Textiles Minister during Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy Chief Ministership. He was an early pioneer of separate
Telangana State during the year 1969 as a student leader. 

Shri Puliveeranna was the first person to speak about separate Telangana state in the general body meeting of University Osmania student's union held at Darbar hall, Nizam’s college, during Jan 1969. Shri Puliveeranna was one of the members in student’s action committee headed by Shri Mallikarjun who was the General Secretary of Osmania Univrsity Student's Union. Shri Puliveeranna was taken into police custody along with 33 other prominent student leaders on defying the 144 section. Shri Puliveeranna along with other leaders conducted meetings across Telangana districts bringing the awareness and necessity of  separate Telangana State. 

On 25th April 1969
Telangana Praja Samiti (TPS) has been formed under the leadership of Dr Marri Chenna Reddy. Shri Puliveeranna was parliament party member from the student's action committee along with Mallikarjun. In July 1969, Shri Puliveeranna has been taken into preventive detention act along with Dr Marri Chenna Reddy and Mallikarjun and other prominent leaders to Rajahmundry central jail for about two months. During the year 1970, from Jan to May Shri Puliveeranna along with Mallikarjun has been put into jail under section 120 B (conspiracy for tapling the government).

Shri Puliveeranna, worked for formation of  ‘Telangana people’s forum’ to which Madan Mohan has been nominated as a convenor.  

In the December of 1970, Indira Gandhi dissolved the Lok Sabha and announced a mid-term poll. The Telangana Praja Samiti (TPS) eventually contested all the 14 seats to Parliament from Telangana and won 10 out of them, which was a major mandate for separate Telangana. In spite of her overwhelming majority in the Lok Sabha, Indira Gandhi did not give any leverage to the TPS, which opted for a compromise in September 1971 and merged with the Congress (R). In the year 1972, after TPS merger with Congress (R), Shri Puliveeranna being active and prominent student leader from separate Telangana Agitation, Congress party gave MLA ticket to Shri Puliveeranna to contest from Kodangal constituency, Mahabubnagar district.


Shri Puliveeranna's political career started as a student leader in the year 1972 when Congress (R) gave him seat. 1978 again contested and got defeated with marginal majority of 1,300 votes with Gurunatha Reddy. 1983 – Did not participate in election.  In the year 1989 Shri Puliveeranna elected from Congress first time to Legislative Assembly with a majority of 7,000. Year 1991 Shri Puliveeranna has been given Chairmanship for SPINFED (Spinning Federation). Year 1992 Shri Puliveeranna represented cabinet position as Minister of Textiles during Vijayabhaskara Reddy (then Chief Minister) and led a delegation of 42 government officials representing India in Japan and Hong Kong, on behalf of Indian Government. Year 1994 and 1999 got defeated in election. 

Year 2004 got elected second time to Legislative Assembly as an independent since Mahabubnagar constituency went to TRS under Congress and TRS alliance and won the election with highest majority, more than 20,000 lead against nearest TDP candidate Chandra Shekar.


Since the mandate on separate Telangana has come during the year 1971, we need to attract the authority that can give the separate Telangana i.e. Union Government. Shri Puliveeranna among other leaders represented to the Congress high command and appealed for separate TelanganaState during the year 2001.

Congress party considered to constitute 2nd SRC thereby the organization like TRS has come close to the congress party in alliance and contested 2004 elections and got elected with majority.

Shri Puliveeranna is in regular touch with present Chief Minister Shri Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy and discussing about separate Telangana State. Shri Puli Veeranna among other 53 Telangana MLAs represented in written addressing to Shri Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy for creation of 2nd SRC and early settle of Telangana separate State.

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